My PCOS Journey

Happy PCOS Awareness Month! My PCOS journey will never be over. There is no way to cure PCOS. You live with it forever. But, you can learn to manage your symptoms. Being diagnosed with PCOS felt like a relief and a hopelessness at the same time. On the one hand, it had taken me 2 … More My PCOS Journey

I Do Eat Carbs

A lot of times I say, “I don’t eat carbs.” Because anytime you turn down a carb someone needs a lengthy explanation as to why you would ever turn down a carb. (Please refer to Jim Gaffigan’s bit on alcohol, it’s the same reaction) But, it isn’t really that I don’t eat carbs. I just … More I Do Eat Carbs

5 of My Favorite Instagram Accounts for Keto Inspiration

When I started out I found it difficult to find the keto community that I felt like represented me. At least when I am looking for people inspiration I’m looking for people who are like me, young, professionals who are balancing being young and fun with being healthy. When I first started keto I felt … More 5 of My Favorite Instagram Accounts for Keto Inspiration