I Do Eat Carbs

A lot of times I say, “I don’t eat carbs.” Because anytime you turn down a carb someone needs a lengthy explanation as to why you would ever turn down a carb. (Please refer to Jim Gaffigan’s bit on alcohol, it’s the same reaction) But, it isn’t really that I don’t eat carbs. I just … More I Do Eat Carbs

5 of My Favorite Instagram Accounts for Keto Inspiration

When I started out I found it difficult to find the keto community that I felt like represented me. At least when I am looking for people inspiration I’m looking for people who are like me, young, professionals who are balancing being young and fun with being healthy. When I first started keto I felt … More 5 of My Favorite Instagram Accounts for Keto Inspiration


I hope some of you have noticed my new story highlight on my Instagram (@nyinthecity) “#ketointhecity”. I want to start featuring restaurants and meals that I have found or made that are keto. The hardest part of this lifestyle is finding things you can eat at restaurants. I have found a lot of sites that … More #ketointhecity