5 Tips for Shopping on ThredUp

If you follow my Instagram, you know I have been buying everything from brunch dresses to activewear on ThredUp during quarantine. Mainly, because I am broke and I have a lot of credit on ThredUp. They have been a savior throughout my weight loss journey. Not only to sell clothes that no longer fit, but also to buy new clothes at an affordable price. And because I was selling so many of my old clothes, I was earning money to buy new clothes, saving me even more money.

As I’ve had more time to scroll endlessly through the site during quarantine, I have learned some tricks to finding things that I like and not spending hours scrolling through every item on the site. They have A LOT of stuff. I have a few tips for narrowing your search and finding items that are good quality and will fit well. These tips apply to everything from activewear to dresses and handbags.

  1. Search Using “My Sizes”
    Go crazy with the filters to really get specific with your search to what you are actually looking for. But if your just browsing, start with entering in your sizes to narrow it down. I highly suggest you create an account before you start your search. This allows you to choose sizes (choose a range of sizes because they vary from brand to brand) and to save favorites. Shopping within your size range narrows the search down to only what you need to be looking at. And, using favorites is a great way to watch an item if you aren’t sure about it.
  2. Search Specific Brands
    You already know what brands you like and you know what size you are in those brands. So, search the brands you know you like and it will not only make the search things you like, but also things you know will fit. And, search brands that you know make quality clothing that will last. I always love to start by searching Madewell, Anthropologie, Free People, Levis, Urban Outfitters, Tommy Hilfiger, Reformation, Polo by Ralph Lauren, etc. Sometimes, I just get bored and look for any brand I can think of. They also have common brands people search for on the homepage and a newer feature that allows you to search by “Boho Brands,” “Edgy Brands,” and “Preppy Brands.”
  3. Search My Home Warehouse
    On the left hand side in the filters under “Ways to Shop,” you can see the option for “My Home Warehouse.” This is a great way to search because when you search the entire site you can end up with one order being multiple packages coming from all over the country at different times. But when you search your own home warehouse, everything is able to be packaged together and ships much faster.
  4. Search New With Tags
    There are some things like swimsuits that I just prefer to be new with tags. But also, it’s always fun to feel like you found something brand new for a discount. I like to search with new with tags to find deals on brand new items that haven’t been worn. I have found some really great stuff that way, but it does tend to be on the pricier side for the site. It’s still a steal.
  5. Search Premium & Designer
    Searching Premium is a great way to weed out a lot of the flimsy clothing and brands that aren’t as good quality. Premium doesn’t necessarily mean it is expensive. For the most part, Premium seems to just not include clothing that they don’t know what the brand is, or it seems like a poor quality brand.
    I promise you don’t skip designer. It is not all expensive. I searched designer and found a cute Marc Jacobs dress for $15. They also have nice higher end designer stuff. But, I just favorite all of that stuff and pretend I will be able to afford it one day. I like to search the Designer Under $50 section.

EXTRA TIP: If you like an item, even just a little, put it in your cart. Anything in your cart is safe for 24 hours. But, if you don’t put it in your cart, you could lose it. I always fill up my cart with everything I like and edit it down after I have a heart attack from the total.

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