Why I Chose Keto to Manage My PCOS

There is a reason I stress A LOT that Keto isn’t for everyone. I didn’t chose Keto because it is a “fad” diet. I chose it because it has been proven to be a therapeutic diet for health issues I have. I not only did a lot of research before deciding to moderate foods in my diet, but I also just simply listened to my body and did what felt right.

Keto is can be very therapeutic for people who are insulin resistant or insulin sensitive because the diet doesn’t require your body to make insulin or use insulin correctly, so it allows people like myself to no longer have to rely as heavily on insulin taken as medication. It allows me to control my blood sugar through my diet as opposed to being on several (very expensive) medications.

However, if you are someone whose body has no issue producing or using insulin, Keto can actually be a bad idea. It can cause your body to become sensitive to insulin and gluten. If your body is processing carbohydrates and sugars normally, then there is no need to cut them out of your diet. Cutting things out entirely can worsen your body’s reaction when they are reintroduced.

Keto also has other benefits that I found helped with some symptoms I was having from PCOS including inflammation. The inflammation that is a symptom of my PCOS has always been a huge issue for me as I have a lot of joint pain in my knees (from swimming breaststroke) and my elbows (from breaking one and having the cartilage removed in the other). I was in pain all the time. Keto reduces inflammation and has greatly reduced the pain I have in my joints.

But I stress again, if you did not swim your whole life until your body literally gave up on you (jk…but kinda) and you do not have severe inflammation from a chronic condition, maybe you don’t need Keto. Even other people with PCOS don’t chose Keto because it doesn’t help with the symptoms they are having or it doesn’t fit their lifestyle. I follow a very large PCOS Instagram account that suggests a gluten free & dairy free diet. And, I said no thank you. I love cheese too much.

You have to choose what is going to make you feel good both physically and mentally. For me, that is Keto. It helps with my worst PCOS symptoms and I still get to eat bougie charcuterie boards. I was never a huge fan of things like pasta or bread, pizza has always made me feel like shit, moderating carb heavy foods wasn’t a huge deal for me. I don’t miss them and when I do, I eat them (very simple concept). But, if you asked me to limit cheese…or meat…or EGGS…I’d be in distress.

Think of your goal: FEELING GOOD. Then, note what foods make you feel good either mentally or physically and note what foods make you feel bad physically (food should never feel bad mentally) and find a balance where you feel your best.

P.S. Please note I am not a medical professional. I am writing this based on my research and my personal experience. I write these posts in hopes that other women with PCOS (or whatever their struggle may be) can see that there are other women out there going through the same struggles (or just struggles in general) and finding a way to feel good. And, maybe they find something I’ve said helps them as well. Or, maybe it inspires them to find their own way.

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