Foodie Friday: Crispbread

You had to have seen this coming. We have to talk about Crispbread. It is a great source of carbs and good fiber, and it’s crunchy like a cracker and can be used in place of toast or bread. I have made so many different things using Crispbread.

You can make avocado toast, or just stack everything you would put in your favorite bagel. I made some “adult lunchables” to bring to the beach and just broke them up into smaller pieces and cut up some swiss cheese slices and turkey turkey slices into smaller pieces packed it up in a lunchbox. I have spread garlic and herb cheese on the Crispbread and topped with prosciutto or salami. There are just countless ways you can use this bread and it really makes a difference when you aren’t using bread.

You can get Crispbread in pretty much any grocery store. I get it at Trader Joe’s, but I have seen it in other stores too.

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