3 At-Home Workout Must Haves You Can Find at Target

This year has made us all get creative with our workouts. Whether we are finding a spot in the park to workout, or making room in our tiny apartments. There are plenty of effective bodyweight exercises that you can do to get in shape without spending any extra money. But, if you are looking to add some more variety to your workouts, there are 3 main pieces of equipment you can use to modify your old gym exercises for your new workout space.

A yoga mat is always a must. This one from target comes in plum and sky blue. Always great to have for any floor workouts and having a non-slip surface to move around.


Dumbbells have been nearly impossible to find, but now on Target’s website it is looking like they are popping up in more stores. I love these dumbbells because they come in a lot of different weights and they are really pretty colors for gym equipment.


The last item to make your home gym complete is Booty Bands. There are so many workouts you can find online using these bands in a million different ways. I have even found videos using them for arm exercises as well as legs and glutes. They are so versatile and they’re great because they’re easy to store away in a small apartment.


You don’t need to have a ton of expensive equipment to get in a good workout. There are so many at-home workouts online now and most of them focus on using these three items. And, it helps when your gym equipment is cute too.

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