Stop Buying “Keto” Products

The diet industry is a $70 billion dollar industry that is supported by your motivation to diet and your failure to diet. The minute keto became a fad (ketogenic diets have been around for a long time) products claiming to be keto starting lining shelves everywhere. But, to eat keto you don’t need to buy into expensive “keto” products, it’s probably best that you don’t.

99.9% of the products marketing themselves as “keto” that I have tried use bad ingredients to make cheap low carb products that usually taste like shit.

The products on the shelves claiming to be keto usually don’t have the best ingredients to achieve a low net carb count. Especially, when they are products meant to replicate a food that is carb heavy like chocolate or cookies.

In this essay I will…(lol)…no but really we’re gonna go over the two main issues I have found with eating “keto” products: Sugar Alcohols & Fiber.

A lot of keto products on the shelves are getting low net carb counts by using either a lot of Sugar Alcohols or a lot of Fiber. It can be confusing because fiber is a good thing, but in moderation. A lot of keto gummies and sweets use tapioca fiber which is good for you. But they use 30g of tapioca fiber, which will not make you feel good. Having too much fiber, can actually cause a lot of digestive issues. You want to eat fiber, but in moderation. You also want to look at your source of fiber. Is it a natural source of fiber, or is it a processed fiber that is added to something like a low carb tortilla to lower the net carbs? That makes a difference. A lot of processed fibers are not digestible and will not make you feel good.

Sugar Alcohols are another trick to lower the net carb count of a keto treat. A lot of things like keto chocolates, candies, cookies, drinks, etc. use sugar alcohols to create the same sweet taste as sugar but with less net carbs. But, the reason sugar alcohols are not counted into your net carb count is because your body literally cannot digest them. They will quite literally run through you without being absorbed like regular sugar. There are some sugar alcohols, like Erythritol, that are better than others, but all are not digestible that’s how they lower the net carb count. Some sugar alcohols, like Maltitol, are not digestible and do not count towards your net carbs, but will still raise your blood sugar. That means not only will your stomach hurt, but you will have a sugar crash and then more cravings on top of your stomach ache.

Not all keto treats are created equal. There are some that have better ingredients than others. But, they should all be eaten in moderation. There is nothing better than eating real whole foods. But, every once in a while you need a cookie. It’s great that there are now brands that are making cookies that will not kick you out of ketosis, but it isn’t a free pass to live off keto treats.

In everyone’s keto journey, I think there is a point where you get a little too into a habit of eating keto products too often. I have been through that phase a couple times over the past year and a half eating keto. You just have to remind yourself why you decided to change your lifestyle; to feel better.

I will start featuring keto products that I like and I have tried. There are new products out all the time (the devil works hard, but the diet industry works harder), so I won’t be able to cover every product out there, but I will try and explain what ingredients I have learned to look for or look out for.

some of the keto treats I brought on my last trip to LA…look out for the posts about keto treats I have tried!

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