Foodie Friday: Crispy Green Beans

I put out an Instagram poll asking if you would like me to post some of the recipes I have been making on here, and a decent amount of people (more than just my mom) said yes. I decided to make it “Foodie Friday” because I have had more than one person message me asking how I could possibly eat such a restrictive diet, they could never because they’re a “foodie.” So, I just wanted to point out that being a foodie doesn’t have to mean eating giant crazy pizza and weird flavored doughnuts. There are so many foods you can make in a million creative ways that you can eat while maintaining a ketogenic diet.

I don’t know if it will be a full on recipe every week, I think sometimes I will just feature foods that I am loving at the moment. I also want to put the disclaimer that I am a horrible cook, so most of the recipes will be easy and some I will probably modify to be easier or use whatever I have in my kitchen and the measurements may be me just telling you to eyeball it.

To start off, I wanted to feature the Crispy Green Beans I posted to my Instagram story the other day. They are so addicting. I’m not going to be one of those people who is like “omg they’re exactly like fries.” They are nothing like fries, but they make a great replacement for everything you are looking for in a fry. They are crispy on the outside, but tender on the inside, you can season them however you desire, and they make for an easy, salty snack or side.

I really just wanted to find out if you could air fry green beans from frozen because I was too lazy to thaw them. And, you can. The original recipe I found was from RecipeThis. But, I don’t have Italian seasoning (…I know like the most basic kitchen spice) and I like things to be spicy for no reason. So, I actually use 21 Seasoning Salute (because I feel like Italian had to be covered somewhere in the 21) and red chili pepper flakes. I use a lot, like a lot a lot. I put like two servings of green beans in a bowl throw on a splash of olive oil (maybe 1 tsp you don’t need a lot) and then I just throw in probably a tablespoon or two of the 21 Seasoning Salute and then as many red chili pepper flakes as my heart desires.

For the most part, when I’m looking up air fryer recipes for veggies I’m really just looking for cook times and temps. This one the cook time and temp is crucial to making them crispy. You cook them for 10 Minutes at around 325 degrees (they say 320 but my air fryer only does increments of 25) and then you want to cook them for 3 minutes at 375 degrees. That makes sure they are cooked through but that the outside becomes crispy.

Green Beans are a great source of vitamins and are good for digestion. They are also a great source of carbs without kicking you out of ketosis. They make a great side or snack. I like to dip them in mayo to add a little bit of fat to it, but also just because I love mayo (you either love mayo or think it is disgusting, there is no in between).

I made sure to put in bold the instructions you really came here for, and I promise they will not all be this wordy. I just wanted to start these posts out reminding you all that this lifestyle isn’t about being restrictive, it’s about choosing the foods that make you feel good. You can be a foodie and maintain a ketogenic diet.

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