My Top 5 Instagram Accounts for At-Home Workouts

I love the idea of an at-home workout. I hate the gyms in NYC. Or at least, I hate my gym…I’m sure Equinox is nice, but Blink is what it is. I am always looking for Instagram accounts that have different at home workouts that use minimal equipment. I have found a few that I think post great at home workouts consistently. I have so many of them saved that I still want to do.

@laurensimpson – I love the at-home workouts she has been posting recently. They are very helpful for people in quarantine who usually workout at the gym. She shows the gym workouts and then how you can get that same workout at home.

@lazyfitgirls – I love this account because it posts a variety of at-home workouts and gym workouts from a variety of accounts, and the occasional meme. It is a great account for finding new fitness accounts to inspire you.

@mrandmrsmuscle – This account is amazing for at-home HIIT workouts. This pair does some freaking hard workouts, but I love this account mainly for it’s modified workout. Every workout has a small video in the corner with a modified version, for those of us with many injuries.

@natacha.oceane – Another great account for at-home HIIT workouts. Again, killer, but super effective. She also has a website with helpful tools and recipes as well as a brand of resistance bands, MOCEAN. (clever, love it)

@georgiestevenson – I love that she has a variety of at-home workouts on her account. She has abs, dumbbells, HIIT, bands, everything you could need to switch it up and keep your quarantine workouts interesting.

And, just for fun a few other accounts I have found recently that have great at-home workouts

@trainwithmiranda – She has a huge variety of great at-home workouts. But, my favorite thing she has posted is upper body workouts using booty bands. It has been hard to come by weights under 20lbs since this mess all started, but somehow everyone has booty bands. It’s great to be able to get more out of your booty bands and be able to focus on upper body even if you can’t find weights.

@alittletaeste – Her whole page is great workouts as well as some new follow along workouts. I love that she adds graphics too so you can see each zone the workout is targeting.

@brittnebabe – Her workouts are insane and she is an insane athlete. I don’t know if I will ever be able to complete one of her workouts. But, she has been hosting a 21 day challenge…and, I do love a challenge.

There are so many more accounts that I have found that are posting great content for anyone looking to start or change up their fitness journey. I will keep sharing with you all as I find them.

Would love to know if you have any favorite fitness accounts? Comment below!

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