Happy Body, Happy Life

It doesn’t rhyme, but it’s true. Happy Body, Happy Life. I was watching the Goop show on Netflix and at one point Gwyneth says her mission is optimization of self. I don’t know how that was the first time I heard that phrase and really understood it. I feel like that is the journey I am on currently. Optimization of self.

When I started my keto journey, I did not workout. I wanted to just focus on getting my diet right. And then, once I got up the motivation and dedication, I decided to start going to the gym again regularly. I started out going to the gym every morning before work and doing simple workouts on machines that I could remember from when I was a swimmer.

The gym really didn’t really feel like I was getting the best workout I could. It felt more like going through the motions of working out, it didn’t feel like enough of a challenge. So, I decided that to get the workout I really needed I had to train the workout I found the hardest; which is HIIT. I hated HIIT classes. I always felt like I was dying the whole time. But, I was determined to prove to myself that I could conquer HIIT.

I am a Love Island fan and loved Alexandra when she was on the show. I watched her fitness journey on Instagram and was so impressed. When she released the 90 Day Shred workout plan I was skeptical. How could only 10 minutes really be effective? Is this just one of those influencer scams to make money? But, after seeing the first few girls who were using the program getting great results within only a few weeks, I decided since it wasn’t that expensive I’d at least give it a try.

I realized that it was very easy to talk myself into doing a 10-minute workout. And by the time I could try to talk myself out of it, I was done. It was great. I only had to wake up a few minutes earlier to get my whole workout in. If I felt unmotivated one day, I would look at the results other people were getting and just told myself to trust the process.

I knew I was getting in better shape I could feel it, but I didn’t think I was really seeing the progress until the 4th week I took progress pictures again. I used Layout to put my Week 1 progress picture and Week 4 picture side by side. I couldn’t believe the difference in just 4 weeks. You could see that this was working. I realized I missed the feeling of being strong, of being an athlete and my motivation grew. I wanted to get back to that feeling of being strong.

Every time I would take progress pictures I was shocked. I take pictures all the time, but I’m always in a different outfit, always a slightly different angle, slightly different lighting. But, I made sure my progress pictures were all taken in the same outfit in the same mirror and tried my best with lighting and angles. I recommend you always take progress pictures. Take lots of pictures. Love the way they look at every step of your journey.

This program helped me go from mindlessly using gym equipment to training towards a goal. (though a very loose, immeasurable goal) Sometimes you just need a coach and that’s what these workout videos provide. I really recommend this plan especially now as we are all trying to navigate home workouts. It’s very helpful to have a coach and a community encouraging you.

I have now started the 6 Week Summer Shred program from The Happy Body Plan. I can’t wait to see the results!

Are there any workout plans you suggest? Leave a comment!

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