1 Year Keto Anniversary

Ok, I don’t actually have an anniversary date for when I started keto, but this seems to be the time every year I think I’m going to start blogging again. I’d say March 2019 was when I started to take it seriously. Since then, it’s just become my lifestyle. We aren’t going to get into how much weight I’ve lost or my weight before and after. Maybe one day I’ll care to share that, but I think it just leads to an unhealthy comparison of health or fitness based on measurements from a completely different body. Just know that I’m happy and healthy.

I wasn’t unhappy before. I was uncomfortable. The main reason I started keto was because I was sick of being uncomfortable. I was always uncomfortable. My stomach hurt, my head hurt, my joints hurt, I was always tired. The symptoms of my PCOS were getting worse. I was unhealthy and I was uncomfortable.

A year later and I can say this “diet” has become a lifestyle. I don’t think everyone has the same lifestyle their whole life, but for my life right now keto is working. Changing my diet helped with my PCOS, with my stomach, my joints, my head. Everything. This way of eating works for my body. I have never felt better. And, that’s all anyone can really look for in a diet, “Does it make you feel good?”

It may not be keto, for you. It may be paleo, gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, or just plain old regular eating. If what you are doing right now isn’t making you feel good, try something new. If the diet you’ve been doing for a few weeks isn’t making you feel good, try something new. If the way you have been eating for years isn’t making you feel good, try something new. I think the idea that one pyramid represents how every body should eat is a little ridiculous.

So, hopefully this time I will remember to stay consistent with my posts and I will bring some content related to my keto, health, wellness, weight loss, fitness journey. (had to get all the keywords in) And, maybe it will help someone else find something new to try.

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