I hope some of you have noticed my new story highlight on my Instagram (@nyinthecity) “#ketointhecity”. I want to start featuring restaurants and meals that I have found or made that are keto. The hardest part of this lifestyle is finding things you can eat at restaurants. I have found a lot of sites that help people doing keto navigate menus at chain restaurants like Applebee’s and Olive Garden, but there isn’t really a guide to navigating the thousands of small restaurants in a big city.

I started keto at the end of summer 2018 to help with my symptoms from PCOS. In the first couple of months, I lost about 25lbs. I was very excited about the progress, but then as we got into holiday season, I fell off. Luckily, I only gained a small fraction of the weight back. But, my goal for 2019 is to stick to it more consistently and try to figure out how to enjoy my life in the city and still remain in ketosis.

I don’t think keto is for everyone. I don’t think everyone doing keto is necessarily doing it in a healthy way. I don’t think everyone’s lifestyle on keto looks the same. For me, I am mainly sticking to just simply eating low-carb. Keto is known for being a high fat diet because ketosis is a fat-burning state. But, I think people get carried away with the idea of eating bacon on a diet.

At the beginning of keto, and really until you reach a point where you need to eat fats for energy, you don’t need to eat a ton of fat because your body has plenty to burn. If you eat a ton of fat before you lose your fat, your body is going to break down the bacon fat not your fat and you won’t lose weight. The only difference I have found between this time and times before when I have done low-carb diets is with keto I am more conscious of not eating too much protein and cheese and making sure that I mix in a lot of good vegetables.

Keto has made me a lot more adventurous food-wise. I’ve eaten a lot of things, including vegetables, that I used to almost never eat. I’ve learned how to get more creative with meals to make them filling, tasty, but also low-carb. This lifestyle has forced me to learn how to cook. I am still the worst cook ever, but I can work my crockpot and I can make a really good lettuce wrap taco.

It has also made me get more creative at restaurants. I don’t like to feel like I am limited as to where I can eat out. So much of my social life in New York City is eating out, brunch, happy hour, etc. I didn’t want to feel like I was missing out cooped up in my apartment because I couldn’t order anything anywhere. I now stalk the menu wherever we are going out to eat to either find something I can eat or a menu item I could ask to be slightly modified to be low-carb. Most places, it’s as easy as just asking to substitute veggies in place of the carbs. But, this is New York City and customer service really isn’t their thing, so you will have places give you trouble.

I hope that this new story highlight and some future posts on Keto will help other people who are trying to live a little healthier in a city of sugary juices, açai bowls, and avocado toast.

Check out my story highlight for restaurants and meals that are keto in New York City.

Comment below your favorite keto-friendly restaurants!





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