My Favorites: Skincare

I’m going to be honest…I used to never wash my face before bed. It sounds so gross to me now. But, I felt I didn’t need to. I have pretty clear skin and my foundation has salicylic acid in it that helps with breakouts. At some point, I decided I needed to start a skincare routine. I can’t even remember why I started it.

But, now I can’t go to sleep without taking my makeup off. It’s become almost a part of my minor OCD that I cannot fall asleep without removing my makeup. I am that person that comes home from the bar incoherent and still removes all of her makeup and drunkenly goes through an entire skincare routine at 3am.

Since I started this skincare routine, I’ve noticed a lot of changes in my skin. Before, I thought I had good skin because it just didn’t break out, but you would also never catch me without foundation because my skin tone was so blotchy and I hated it.

Skincare is of course very specific to the person. Everyone’s skin is different. Very simple products work best for me. And, I have found some products that I use have also helped a lot of my friends that I have recommended them to. So, because no one in particular asked, I’ve decided to share my favorite skincare products that I use regularly.

Clinique Acne Solutions Foundation in Fresh Alabaster

I have been using this Clinique Foundation since high school. I use the lightest shade (and sometimes it’s still too dark). I have tried to use other foundations and I always immediately start breaking out. This foundation helps not only prevent breakouts, but sometimes if I have a breakout I will put on this foundation and by the end of the day the breakout is gone. For some reason, when you buy it at a Clinique stand in the mall, they only have a few shades. But, on Clinique’s site you can find a few more shades.

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The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Day Cream

(Please ignore my gross nails *see Don’t Discount Self Care post* didn’t take my own advice)

This moisturizer is another product I’ve been using since high school. I’ve also tried to replace this with cheaper alternatives, but just cannot find anything that compares. This lotion is super lightweight and perfect for a base under your makeup. It is also great for me because I am always getting sunburned and it will make a sunburn go away overnight.

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Radha Rosehip Oil

This product is what I am most excited to share with you guys! I found this product from a Buzzfeed list of acne solutions. It has made the most noticeable difference in my skin tone. It has taken away a lot of the redness and scaring from past breakouts and has prevented breakouts. I use it every night. I take off all of my makeup, use a little bit of toner, and then just about 3 drops of this. I suggest buying this specific product from Amazon because I have seen similar products in Whole Foods and other stores that are way overpriced.

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Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

I still don’t understand what micellar water is, but this is by far the best makeup remover I’ve ever used. I have extremely sensitive eyes and I’m able to use this to soak off my mascara no problem. It removes my makeup so quickly, even when I’m wearing A LOT of it. And, it’s so gentle. The best part is it’s not expensive. I buy mine in bulk on Amazon.

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Thayer’s Witch Hazel Toner

Excuse the look of the bottle, this is my cat’s favorite thing to knock over at 3am…

I used to not really like to use toner. I always found it really drying and especially while also wearing a foundation with an acid in it. But, this toner is not drying at all. I’m going to be 100% honest, I have no idea what this toner really does. I just know that I take my makeup off with micellar water and I use this after and it makes my face feel clean and and fresh.

The one picture here is the Rose Petal version, but I actually bought the Cucumber kind in a travel size and I preferred that one. It feels so refreshing. It’s perfect for right after you clean your face before you put on your moisturizer. I like to use a good amount in the morning too to take off the oil I’ve had on my face overnight and just sit and drink coffee for a minute while it kind of wakes up my face.

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Dr. Jart Color Correction Treatment

This stuff is so expensive, in my opinon, but so worth it. I can’t even remember when I bought this tiny thing, but I use it a lot and I have about 95% of this little jar left. I think I found this through a Buzzfeed list as well…this whole post is actually just a lot of Buzzfeed lists about skincare curated into one of list of the products I think work best.

Anyway, this is a green cream that you can blend over any redness you have and it will correct the redness. This jar is the .5oz jar from Sephora. It is perfect for days that I don’t want to wear foundation.  And, it has SPF 30 which makes it perfect for summer when heavy makeup feels gross and you want something that gives you sun protection but won’t make you breakout.

My only advice for this is to wear moisturizer under it. Even though it seems like it is a cream, it can become drying if you wear it for long periods of time. I use the Body Shop aloe lotion first and then add this anywhere I feel I need it. I will use it to either cover all of my face if I feel like I’m very red or I will use it to just cover a few red spots. 

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Better Skin Zit No More

I feel like it doesn’t matter how diligent you are with your skincare routine everyone needs a spot treatment. This Zit No More stick has become one of my favorite spot treatments. It has a little bit of everything good for you in it (1% Salicylic, Tea Tree, Rose Hip, Tung Wood, Rapeseed, Vitamin E and Rosewood) and I love that the ingredients are words that are familiar. A lot of spot treatments have crazy chemicals in them, but this one you can see what you’re getting and it’s all good things. It’s an easy roller ball applicator. My only thing with this is it smells so strong of tea tree it’ll clear your sinuses.

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Pimple Patches

I felt like I couldn’t do a post about skincare without addressing pimple patches. They’ve become a huge hit. They’re easy to use and they really isolate spots and treat them quickly. I found these patches on…you guessed it…a Buzzfeed list. I have used only a couple of them, but so far they have worked.

They’re inexpensive, easy to use, and effective. And, they’re perfect for travel. They don’t count as a liquid and they come in a resealable pack. I have a tendency to breakout mid-flight (like literally 30 minutes into being in that dry/gross plane air and my skin starts to rebel) so I can just stick one of these on the spot. I love that they are clear because I can stick one on a new pimple that pops up mid-flight and no one can tell.  By the time I land, the spot has been taken care of.

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*no makeup* SS3 VSCO filter 

These are just a few of the products in my morning routine. These are the staples I am using nearly every day in my skincare routine. I have tried so many products and I continue to try new ones all the time.

I will keep creating lists like these to share my experiences with you guys, and you can maybe find some new products that will work for you.

If you like any of these products, have any questions, or have any suggestions of products I should try please comment below!

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