The +1

I had the opportunity to be a plus one this week at a few events hosted by the clothing site Revolve. Revolve is notorious for using influencers and influencer events as their only mode of marketing and advertisement. They have a large marketing budget dedicated to hosting events and travel for influencers. With the invite, the influencers get a budget for free clothing from Revolve’s site that they have to wear to the events. They also have a specific amount of posts they have to post per event.

It is nothing new. Brands in many different industries are using influencer marketing more and more heavily. But, few solely rely on it in the way Revolve does. The events are big and you have to have a “K” behind your follower count to get the invite. My friend who is an influencer with a good amount of Ks in her follower count got the invite and invited me to join her at the events that allotted a +1.

Since I was not given any free Revolve clothes in order to attend these events (which is fine because they don’t sell my size), I had to come up with outfits out of my own currently sparse closet. There is no greater pressure on an outfit than knowing you’re going to be surrounded by people who have made a career out of their personal style, look like models, and have been given the latest trends for free.

I had to get creative and even buy some last minute items during my lunch break (a $12.99 camisole and a $5.99 turtleneck). So, I decided to put together a list of what I wore to these events. Kind of like a “How to dress like an influencer on a super tight budget because you’re broke and don’t have enough followers to get free clothes”

Night 1

Wearing an H&M top I bought during my lunch break for $12.99 (couldn’t find it on the site so I put a link to a similar top) and ASOS pants I got on sale for $35

H&M Top

ASOS Pants

Night 2


Wearing an Old Navy dress and Eloquii faux leather jacket

I bought the Old Navy dress years ago and couldn’t find one from their site that is similar so I got an example from my favorite cheap clothing site Boohoo

The Eloquii jacket I have also owned forever so they have changed the design slightly and it got a little pricier, but the trick is to sign up for their email list and don’t buy anything for a while and they’ll give you $50 off your first purchase and then use it to buy the jacket. It’s a great staple piece so it’s worth the money. I wore it to all three nights of events.

Night 3


Wearing H&M turtleneck

Forever 21 Pants – Again bought these a while ago but they still sell a lot of similar pants

Not one of my outfits was over $50 (not including the leather jacket because everyone should own a leather jacket) and I felt like I was somewhat keeping up with the influencer scene. Or at least, I didn’t look completely out of place. It’s difficult to be an “influencer” with no money. It takes money to buy new clothes to post and to go to places and events to post from. I used to spend way outside of my budget to try and keep up, but now I’m slowly learning to work with what I have.

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