Fall as F*ck

Boo, bitches! I’m back. And, it’s fall! This is by far my favorite season because I’ve finally stopped sweating, but I’m not yet falling on my ass in the snow. I decided to celebrate the start of my favorite season by going to the Disney World of Fall, Alstede Farms.

Alstede Farms is a large, family-owned farm in Chester, New Jersey. When searching for a place to go, I wanted something that would be an easy trip from the city and would have everything fall so we could knock out all of our cute fall content in one trip. I found Alstede through a quick Google search and it ticked all of the boxes.

The farm has pumpkins, apples, peaches, berries, sunflowers, hayrides, farm animals, cider, donuts, ice cream, a food truck, wine tastings, and a market to buy fresh produce from the farm. (I repeat it is literally the Disney World of Fall) They also allow dogs. Which was a bonus for me because I wanted to bring little Richard along for some fun and cute photos. But, the main thing that attracted me to this farm over others was they have a complimentary shuttle from the train station to the farm. (I repeat for all the broke city dwellers out there…There is a FREE SHUTTLE from the train station to the farm and back.)

The train ride out sounded daunting as we read the NJ Transit schedule saying it would be a 117 minute journey to the Gladstone station. But, it went by so fast and it could not have been easier. We got on the 9:11am train Sunday morning out of Penn Station and we were at Gladstone station by 11:08am. It felt like a short ride when we got to Summit where we had to transfer. I was a little nervous about the transfer, but when we got to Summit our train was right across the track and already waiting to go. We got on the train to Gladstone and in what felt like no time we were at Gladstone, the last stop on the train. We got out at the station worried we wouldn’t be able to find the shuttle. But, it was right there waiting. We were the only people on the shuttle. When we got to the farm, the shuttle driver asked us what time we wanted to leave. We said we wanted to take the 4:30 shuttle to make the 4:52 train. He said he’d be right where he dropped us off. But, he also gave us his card to call him in case we decided we wanted to leave earlier. It was the easiest trip I’ve ever been on.

The ease of getting to the farm and the fact that the farm had everything we could ever want for fall content made it so worth the trip. At first, I wasn’t sure if in the end we would regret traveling two hours just to go to a farm. But, it was the perfect Sunday trip.

It was also a relatively cheap trip. The round trip train ticket was $32 and entrance into the farm was $13.85 (including tax). The food at the farm and the produce in the store was reasonably priced (like real world prices not NYC prices). Compared to the other farms I had looked at, this was a much cheaper trip simply because we didn’t have to order an Uber or cab when we got off the train to get to the farm.

I highly recommend making the journey to Alstede Farms for all your basic fall insta posts. They have everything you need for a fall aesthetic. (Oh, and I guess you can like get apples and stuff too.)

Below are some pictures from our trip!

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