I think it is really helpful sometimes to get an outsider’s view of yourself. I like understanding how other people perceive me and my life. Not because I care what other people think, but because sometimes when you get a different perspective you can see ways you can change to improve your happiness. For me, I find psychics to be a great way to get an outsider’s perspective of your life.

Whether you believe they can really tell you your future or not, they are reading you and giving you information based on that. Is the psychic right that I will find my husband in two years in California? I don’t know. But did she remind me I should be spending these years focusing on my own personal growth and not worrying about being in a serious relationship, yes.

I have seen a psychic on St. Marks a few times since I moved to the East Village and I think she is great. I find her advice really helpful. She is surprisingly young. She works out of a smoking shop on St. Marks and other times out of her own family’s apartment, also on St. Marks. She does palm readings and tarot card readings. She is usually very accurate (it’s kinda freaky).

I don’t know if she is really psychic and I don’t care. However she is coming to her answers doesn’t matter to me because they’re always helpful. We talked about my tendency to put up barriers with people. We talked about a guy I had recently been hanging out with that I pushed away after only a month because I am always scared of getting hurt. We talked about my trust issues that are created by negative energy following me from a previous bad relationship and how that is ruining my potential to make future connections. We talked about my quickness to cut people off. We talked about my tendency to want things to happen quickly and when they don’t I shut down and put my walls back up. We talked about jealous friends I should watch out for. We talked about friends that have taken advantage of my kindness. We talked about my strengths and my weaknesses. We talked about my career. We even discussed my thoughts about eventually moving to LA (not any time soon Mom chill). We talked about everything in my past, present and future that is either helping me move forward in a positive way or is holding me back.

Whether you believe she is psychic or not, talking about all of this with someone was eye opening. I realized I shouldn’t have been so quick to right off a guy who was actually kind and a positive energy in my life (the cards even said so). I realized there are some friends that I have that have taken advantage of my kindness and there are some that I need to watch out for because they do not have my best interests at heart. I realized I need to let go of the negative energy from my past relationship if I want to move forward making healthy connections with people. She could be psychic or she could be just reading the crazy in my eyes, but either way she said the things I needed to hear.

I came out of the reading feeling a lot better about where I was at and where I was going. I wasn’t stressed anymore about relationships and friends and my career and my future. It all seemed to be sorted out. It wasn’t sorted out at all. But, I felt like I could stop worrying about it. I was reminded to stop overthinking and just take this time to myself and enjoy it. And of course, people give you this advice all the time. But, it always seems generic. “Stop looking for someone and you’ll find them.” “Carpe diem.” Blah Blah Blah. It all sounds like one liners when you’ve heard it from people over and over again and you stop really taking the advice. But, when someone who seems to understand your past, present and future is saying it, it puts those one liners in relation with what you’re going through and it make them more powerful.

I think a lot of times my problem is forgetting I have so much more time. I am always in a rush. I blame the city. But, talking with this psychic made me realize I am still really young. There’s still a lot more to my future. I don’t need to try and get everything done right. I need to just enjoy being this young. Having someone explain that to me, was really helpful because somehow I had forgotten I am only 24 and don’t need to have everything figure out right now.

Psychics may not be everyone’s thing. But if you are feeling stuck and you’re seeing yourself worrying about the same things all the time and making the same mistakes over and over, I suggest seeing one. It’s always nice to get an outsider’s perspective. They can see the pieces you can be blinded to because you are in the middle of it all. If you aren’t sure about seeing a psychic, bring a friend. I love having friends at my readings because then it’s someone else you can work these things out with after. I went this time with a friend and we went to lunch after and talked about all the things we learned about ourselves and how helpful that is to hear sometimes. I highly recommend getting a new perspective on things, it has helped me so much.



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