Sold Its Soul to the Devil

This is going to be an extremely melodramatic post fueled by the loss of my favorite (and the only) cheese shop in the East Village. The East Village has sold its soul to the devil. The things that made this neighborhood so fun and eclectic are closing down because of “exorbitant rent” (literally, that’s what the old corner store owner wrote on the door in sharpie after the shop closed). These shops are being taken over by shops making ice cream 80 different ways it didn’t need to be and places selling daily juice cleanses for $38.

It is bad enough that what was once CBGB OMFG is now a high-end men’s clothing store and the only remnants we have left of the East Village is McSorley’s. We couldn’t even keep a Papaya King open. Could they at least have spared the cheese???? The reason people are drawn to New York is that eccentric, eclectic, diverse culture. That is being sold to CVS and TD Bank.

I’ve decided, in order to keep the last of my favorite places alive, I will create a list of all of them so anyone reading this will hopefully go there and it will stay open so I won’t have to move to Brooklyn and deal with L train. So, here it goes. I present you with my life of the best of the best of the East Village.

Favorite Bakery

Zucker Bakery

The best little black and white cookies!

Favorite Corner Store / Sub Shop

Sunny & Annie’s Deli

The best subs ever! They have over 100 different kinds and it’s cheap. I get a sub and a soda for $10.

Best Place to Buy Candles


I love this shop because they have a candle for anything you need: luck, love, money, etc. They do custom carved candles for whatever you are going through. They also have psychics in the back you can make appointments with. You might think I’m crazy, but I believe this stuff works in a way. Whether it is actually working or just knowing I have it makes me feel I can accomplish something, it has been working for me and I think even just looking around the store is a fun experience.

Best Coffee Shop

The Bean

Duh. My favorite drink ever is a frozen Nutella Fitzgerald. It’s mainly Nutella and just a little coffee, but I like it. I also like them because it is a nice place to get work done and I can bring my dog inside. That’s the key to becoming one of my favorite shops, let me bring Richard inside.

Favorite Flower Shop

Crystal Garden

This place is a quirky little shop with all of the succulents you could ever want and a lot of little crystals and other knick-knacks. The succulents and air plants are way cheaper than anywhere else. And, the flower shop next door (they look like they might be affiliated with Crystal Garden somehow) will sometimes have really nice arrangements left over at the end of the day for only $10.

Best Fancy Sandwich

Le Petit Parisien

This place has the best French sandwiches and coffee! And, the shop looks so cute!

Best Bar


Awesome dive bar on Ave B and 7th Street. It serves cheap pitchers, has Sweetwater, has a lot of space, and is right next to Sunny and Annie’s. I’m not sure it gets any better.

Best New Bar

Tompkins Square Bar

This place just opened! It is my new favorite place. Sorry, 7B. It has $5 baskets of fries, which is perfect for happy hour. They also have burgers (a real burger and a veggie burger option). When I first went there they had a list of cocktail floats, but I have seen that since so I’m not sure if that is still a thing. But, they do have some great beers on tap and they have Sweetwater bottles.

Best Wine Bar


I am obsessed with this place! It has wine on tap and cheese. They always have great wine and you can taste it before you commit. The bartenders are very knowledgeable about the wine and even if you go as often as I do they’re always changing the wine selection so you’re always able to find a new favorite wine.

I’m sure I’m forgetting a ton of places. There will probably be a second addition of this post. Also, to know anywhere I like going just follow my Instagram (@nyinthecity). But, please check these places out so this neighborhood doesn’t become Midtown.

Like/Share! Comment your favorite places to go in you neighborhood! I always love new places to check out!


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