New Year. New…

I don’t think that because a week ago at midnight we moved into 2018 and will now be writing the wrong year on everything for the next three months I all of a sudden need to change everything I was doing in 2017 right now or the whole year is ruined. But, I also think having any inspiration to better yourself, whether that be just the year on my Bob’s Burgers calendar, is a positive thing. I think we are just growing up and the new year reminds us that time is passing very quickly.

I looked back at pictures from the beginning of 2017. I didn’t make any specific goal for the 2017 New Year. I didn’t make some overzealous proclamation of change. I just grew up. The things I did changed because I changed. I grew. I dyed my hair, I got bangs, I got a new job, I lost my job, I got another new job, I got a puppy, I got another nose ring, I got another tattoo, I went to Key West, I went to Germany, I spent way too much money, I drank way too much wine, I ate way too much ramen. I didn’t plan any of that. But, it was part of my growth.

I expect this year to be no different. And, I have a few general ideas of things I would like to improve as part of my growth. A lot of those improvements pertain to this blog.

The other night, I was at the Comedy Cellar and this comedian joked that blogs are a great way to talk to yourself. It’s true. One of the reasons I stopped feeling inspired to write this blog was because I felt like I was talking to myself. I felt like I was trying to figure out a category or a niche that I could make my blog fit into and stick to that and just write to no one about things that I felt I should write about and not things I really wanted to write about. I would rather just talk to myself about things I’m interested in.

So, for 2018 this blog will still be about New York City and living on a budget and going to fun events and traveling and all the fun stuff I do, but I’m not restricting it to that. If one day I want to rant about how much I hate Mark Zuckawhatever for ruining Instagram I will, if I want to talk about what it’s like to have two very young, small pets in a tiny NYC apartment is like I will, if I want to talk about how upset I am with the East Village for slowly becoming a sellout I will. That’s my resolution to this blog (and my one reader – Mom). It’s going to be whatever I want it to be. It’s not going to be a travel blog or a fashion blog or whatever. It’s going to be my blog.


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