Keeping the Bangs in Check

Omg, hi! It’s been too long. I have been so busy (lies). I haven’t even had the time to post (total lie).

Honestly, I think everyone who writes a blog gets to a point where they feel it’s not growing at the rate they would like and starts to doubt whether to continue. I got to a point where I thought maybe I should just post to Instagram and stop trying to write, but then I remembered how much I enjoy talking to myself (and my mom) on this site.

Anyway, enough about me. More about me…I mean my bangs. I decided to chop my hair and get bangs in February. It was a decision based off a Refinery29 article pairing horoscopes with haircuts. I love the cut, the color, the style, but in February I wasn’t thinking about how bangs would hold up in the summer.

the OG cut

All of a sudden, the subway is 1000 degrees and my forehead is sweating and the humidity is making my bangs turn into a mop of hair on my forehead. I was mortified. There is still picture evidence floating around Instagram from Cinco de Mayo (aka the bang apocalypse). It had rained all day and then I was in a hot crowded bar and my bangs turned on me.

I decided to start Googling how to keep this from happening, but didn’t find much helpful information. Pretty much internet tip #1 was to grow them out. Which I started doing, but it was even worse. I like my bangs and I didn’t want to get rid of them. And, the awkward growing out phase was not doing good things for me.

I decided to ask the boss lady who gave me my fabulous bangs for advice. She agreed bangs in the summer are a challenge. But, there are ways to help keep them under control.


Dry shampoo is every girl’s secret weapon to making hair last days without looking greasy. It can also help keep bangs dry in the humidity when you’re glistening a bit (or a lot). After I straightened my bangs, I spray a little (a lot when we hit the 90s) dry shampoo under my bangs along my hairline to stop my bangs from absorbing the sweat from my forehead.


If it’s going to be super hot and humid, there’s no point in even trying to rock your bangs. Unbearably hot days are when I’m most thankful wearing a baseball hat with anything seems to be trending. I have a pretty large collection of baseball hats (and still always wear the same two). They are the perfect cover up for a bad bang day.


I love putting my hair in braids when I don’t want to deal with it. It is so easy and gets your hair out of your face when it’s insanely hot out. Rogue House (where I get my hair done) will do braids for you if you can’t do them yourself (for a small charge). If you’re going to a festival or something where you’re gonna want tight braids that look good and will stay in all day, I’d suggest getting them done at Rogue House. I can braid my own hair, but it doesn’t always turn out great and sometimes can take a few tries. So if I was going to a big event and didn’t want to deal with them myself, I would just go to Rogue House to get them done so I know they’ll turn out well and last the whole day. (check out below for some Rogue House braids)


This one’s pretty easy. Just part your bangs. Get them out of the way. Get them off your forehead. For me, parting my bangs is not a good look. But, I have seen a lot of Pinterest pics that make me wish I didn’t look so weird with parted bangs (life would be so much easier). Parting your bangs is an easy way to keep them from getting sweaty and greasy when it’s really hot out and it changes up your look a bit.


When the glistening gets out of hand, the best solution is a lot of strong hold hairspray. I’m not sure if any hairstylist would recommend this, but it is one of the only things that has worked for me. Standing in the subway when it’s hot out is no joke and my bangs have to be sprayed in place to make it through that underground swamp. I use a strong hold hairspray very generously to get my bangs to stay in place through standing in the subway five days a week.

Bangs are not easy. They need to be styled and they don’t always play nice. But, I love my bangs. I might try and grow them out again (still scarred from the first try), but for now they’re staying and I am just trying to get them through the summer.

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