The Cool Kids Are Wearing: White Denim


Hello, My name is Nicole. (You reply: “Hi, Nicole”) And, I am an online shopping addict. Since I have run out of money to shop for myself, I’ve decided I will shop for you. I have decided to put together a list of pieces, that I have found from some of my usual stores, that are currently on trend. I’m calling it “The Cool Kids Are Wearing : (insert trend here).” (because that’s what trends are all about)

This spring, white denim is brightening every outfit. When I went home to Atlanta over Christmas, I developed a bit of a denim addiction and started stealing all of my mom’s vintage denim jackets. I picked up one that I wasn’t sure I’d wear. It was a vintage white denim Levis Strauss jacket with light blue details in the lining. It was a bit bright for me, but I thought if I wore it with all black I wouldn’t feel so weird.

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset
I am the view. – Kourtney Kardashian

Now that I have accepted the white denim trend, I have started looking at other denim pieces in white. I have put together a list of some of the things I have found.


American Eagle White Crop Fringe Jeans : $49.50

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 2.47.43 PM

American Eagle White Tom Girl Jeans : $49.95

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 2.49.48 PM

American Eagle Destroyed Denim Tank : $39.95


Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 2.52.28 PM

American Eagle White Crop Leggings : ON SALE $19.99

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 2.55.33 PM

Old Navy White Denim Jacket : ON SALE $36.00

Comes in Plus : $44.94

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 3.02.53 PM


Forever 21 White Denim Button Up Skirt : $17.90

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 3.09.32 PM

Urban Outfitter White Denim Fringe Tank : $59

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 3.13.16 PM

Missguided Fitted White Denim Dress : $63

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 3.41.33 PM

Macy’s White Denim Flare Jeans with Embellishment : ON SALE $65.99

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 3.19.17 PM

JCPenny’s Levi’s White Denim Jacket : ON SALE $44.99


Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 3.21.46 PM

Mango White Denim Jacket: $59.99

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 3.24.39 PM

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