New York is a funny place because, even though in your first few days you feel like you were always meant to be here, most people are not actually from here. All the different people with different backgrounds is what makes the city unique. But, every Sunday in the fall, lines are drawn. Every city claims a bar for its football fans to feel at home surrounded by people rooting for the same team. The bar I regularly brunch at, the Riviera Cafe, becomes a Patriots bar (still haven’t forgiven them). The bar I used to live next to in Midtown becomes a Miami Dolphins bar (of all the teams?). And one bar near Union Square becomes an Atlanta Falcons bar (the only one that matters).

The Watering Hole, according to their website, is the official Atlanta Falcons bar of the city. I had never gone out of my way before to find a bar specifically for the Falcons to watch the games. But when we made the Super Bowl, I knew I needed to find the right place to watch them win (still betting on them for next season). I found The Watering Hole in seconds. The Falcons fans in the city know that this is the place to watch the games.

The bar was obviously fully booked seconds after we made it, but luckily they have a really, really long bar and a lot of standing room to watch the game. I immediately realized I’ve been watching Falcons games all wrong. When you’re watching the game in a normal bar, and you’re most likely the only one from Atlanta, it’s not as exciting. When there is a touchdown, you are the only one who cheers and no one buys a round of shots to celebrate (the true tragedy).

The minute we showed up to The Watering Hole, we were greeted by other Falcons fans. Everyone was asking everyone where they’re originally from, what high school they went to, when they moved here, etc. We even managed to meet some people from our rival high school (fuck you Wheeler, lol jk). It felt kind of like being back in Atlanta.

Being surrounded by a bunch of people that are from the same city as you and who are cheering on the same team as you, is a really cool experience in such a big city. The game was such an emotional experience. Cheering on as we were winning was so exciting. Being with all of those people from Atlanta realizing that we could possibly win the Super Bowl for the first time since most of us were in elementary school, was such a cool experience. And then of course, the infamous 4th quarter was heartbreaking. But, I also think we all had so much fun the first three quarters and we were all one big family by that point and it made the loss a bit easier to take. One girl bought tequila shots and then we all started talking about what we’re going to do when we make it again next year.

If we do end up making it next year, I will definitely be on the phone with The Watering Hole immediately after trying to book a table. There is nothing better than cheering on your city’s team with hundreds of other people from your city, even when you’re all thousands of miles from home.

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset
this picture was taken at 2pm…the game started at 6:30pm

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Link to all the best team bars in the city!



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