Cheap Thrills 

Events in the city seem to come in waves. There will be weeks when the most interesting thing you do is order a different drink at the same bar you always go to for happy hour. But then, there are weeks when every night is some new event and you feel like your body may never forgive you for neglecting it to make sure you get to every free event possible.

The past two weeks have been full of events and there are still more to come before I get a full night’s sleep again. This event wave started out very strong and is now slightly winding down. It started with a new event called Up Late on the High Line.

Up Late on the High Line

This was the first year Friends of the High Line put on this event and you could tell. The concept behind the event seemed awesome. There were art installations and DJs and the High Line was going to open past their usual hours. It sounded like it was going to be a very interesting and fun event that was free. But, the event was poorly managed and it made it impossible to see everything and enjoy the experience. There were so many people on the High Line by 10:30pm that you could not move, so I decided to bail on the event early after only seeing two art installations. The most interesting part of the night was having to climb through the bushes on the High Line just to be able to get out around the mobs of people.

It is only the first year they have hosted this event and they were obviously not ready for the massive turnout. They sent everyone who RSVPed an apology email and we can only hope it is better managed next year so we can get the full experience.

Free Sia Concert

After being up until midnight on the High Line, I woke the next morning at 5am for a free Sia Concert. Sia was on Good Morning America and they hosted a free concert in Central Park to be taped for the show. My friend got two tickets which meant we were guaranteed to get in, but some people weren’t so lucky and had been camping out since the night before in hopes to get into the show.

We were told to arrive at 6am and the event would end at 9am and the doors would open at 7am. From 7am to 8am was simply herding us like cattle into this small concert venue in the park. It was mostly standing room so unless you were 6’0″ tall you could barely see the stage. The comedian talk show host they had there to keep the crowd from turning into an angry mob kept us interested for a while, but once it became 8:30am and we still hadn’t seen Sia people grew a bit frustrated.

At 8:30 Sia was brought out on stage (she apparently cannot see through her hair) and she sang three songs (each with a long break in between to escort her off stage because seh cannot see since she wears the most impractical stage costume ever). After being there for 3 hours and only hearing 3 songs and then being told they had enough footage so we could go, you can imagine the frustration in the audience.

Because the concert was free, I didn’t really have a problem with only hearing 3 songs. All I had to do was wake up a bit early and stand around, but in the end I did get to see one of the biggest artist out right now perform 3 songs for free. I think if you were a huge Sia fan, or a huge fan of any of the performers that are a part of these free concerts it would have definitely been worth it.

Lincoln Center Out of Doors

The Lincoln Center is another great place to see free summer concerts. I preferred it because there were seats (I’m lazy) and wine (any event is better with wine). I was there for the Girl Riot night that featured female artists that would be performing at the Afropunk Fest in Brooklyn. I was there to support the VeeVees (a friend’s boyfriend’s band) that will be at Afropunk for the first time this year. (I may be at Afropunk Saturday to see them)

Moma PS1 Warm Up

I rounded out these two weeks of events with the Moma PS1. The Moma PS1 Warm Up is a summer art/music series that includes cool art inside and cool new music outside. It’s a great “darty” as the kids call it or day party as normal people call it. Unfortunately the weather has not been in anyone’s favor lately, so it rained through the beginning of the party, but we pregamed at a near by bar called Bierocracy and then showed up for the last two hours and had a good time.

Restaurant Week

This is my personal favorite event. I saved the best for last. Restaurant Week. Thank Gordon Ramsay (God of the Kitchen) that this event lasts more than a week because I have a list of restaurants I want to go to. I just went to Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse in Grand Central and had one of the best steaks I’ve had since I moved here and started living off of a diet of dollar pizza and halal. This weekend I will be going to Aureole and then in two weeks I will be choosing one to celebrate my one year anniversary of being in the city (because I think it’s worth celebrating).

This is only the beginning of the summer events. I have many more on my list.

Comment below if you have any suggestions of events to do in the city this summer!


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