Fashion Week

There comes a time (technically two times) each year when you’re walking down the streets of New York City and you look around you and realize…you’ve never felt shorter and fatter in your life. That ladies and gentleman is fashion week. It’s the time of year when the city is crawling with 6 foot tall 100lbs models decked out in the latest street style while you’re shoving a bacon, egg and cheese bagel in your face just trying to get to your 9-5 job on time.

It’s just another amazing event in this city that underpaid, postgrad “adults” can’t afford to get into. The exclusive shows and the even more exclusive after parties are something you could only dream of being invited to. But, we can still make our own fun during Fashion Week.

New York has plenty of up and coming designers who want to be seen during Fashion Week. There are free fashion shows all over the city that let new designers and regular people get in on the fun of Fashion Week. Just do a quick little Google search and I’m sure you can find a free (or at least cheap) show that interests your inner fashion enthusiast.

During Fashion Week in September, I had a friend who found a free fashion show, VERGE: Queer New York Fashion Week Show, at the Brooklyn Museum. It was amazing! There were local LGBT organizations running booths where you could buy cool shirts and bowties to support them. You could even get your makeup done and take funny prop photos. There were cheap snacks and drinks (wine is always a must). It was a great way to get the excitement of fashion week, support up and coming designers, and even support some great LGBT organizations.

Fashion Week is a fun time to be in New York. If you take some time to look you can find a great show that will be a lot of fun and won’t break the bank. You may not be sitting front row at Marc Jacobs, but one day he’ll invite me and you can be my plus one.

Leave a comment below and let me know which designer you’re most excited to see this fashion week!

Most importantly, the photos:

FullSizeRender 29FullSizeRender 28Processed with VSCOcam with b5 presetFullSizeRender 27

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