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I am currently transitioning into becoming a New Yorker. During this transition, I am living in a women’s dorm. This allows me to wait to sign a lease until I have a permanent job. Which, I guess, makes some sense. But, that doesn’t make it any less sucky.

Pretty much if you miss your tiny college dorm and the 1920s, this is the apartment for you. The apartments were built in a dorm style by someone affiliated with Macy’s to house the young women working there in safe apartments in the city just down the street from work. But, nothing about this place has changed since the ’20s. It is still single dorms with communal bathrooms and a dining hall in the basement.

Dad’s can rejoice because the apartments do not allow any men, no matter what, above the first floor. You know, for your safety and the safety of your chastity.  Even women guests must hand over their IDs and if they want to stay for the night they must surrender all of their life’s information and $50.

The redeeming qualities of living here are the central location and the roof. For people just getting to know the city it is nice being right next to Penn Station and Herald Square and having every train within a few blocks of your apartment. It makes it very easy to get to all of the touristy stuff and if you’re ever in an unfamiliar area getting on to a train you can be sure it probably stops somewhere nearby. The other great quality is the roof. If you ever wanted the ultimate touristy New York City photos, the roof is the place to take them. From one side of the roof you have the New Yorker Hotel and the Empire State Building and from the other side you can see the One World Trade Center.

I’m not saying for everyone this apartment is awful. If I was planning on only staying in the city for a 3-month internship and then moving back home, this place would be perfect. My problem is I want to stay here and I want to have my own place I can call home. I am still waiting to get my own real first NYC apartment.

Views from my apartment:

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