Once in a lifetime…

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Because the Christmas Season can never start too early, the Rockefeller Ice Rink has already opened its doors to all ice skating enthusiasts and amateurs alike. Mind you, it’s been a steady 60-70 degrees out since it has opened. If you’ve ever wanted to ice skate in shorts and a t-shirt to Christmas music in the beginning of November, now is your chance.

I have no idea how to ice skate. I’m from Georgia, it’s not really on the top of the list of things we do for fun. I decided that skating in the Rockefeller rink would consist of clenching on to the wall until I made it in front of the gold statue for a picture and then getting the hell off the ice. But, my friend actually wanted to skate and so I slowly loosened my grip on the wall and went around a few times (for better picture angles of course).

The reason I’m referring to this as once in a lifetime is because that’s exactly what this experience was. It’s something you do once. You get to experience ice skating at a landmark, you get to take some pictures, you get to brag to your friends, but once you did it, you’ve done it. On to the next thing on your New York City bucket list.

Skating in the Rockefeller Center is, of course, the number one thing on any tourists list in the winter.  It’s a fun experience. But, that experience comes at a pretty high price, running you around $40-$50 at best. We decided to go to the rink during what they refer to as the “off-season,” which is really only the first two weeks it’s open. During the “off-season” the ticket price for ice-time is a little cheaper. For skates and ice-time we paid $37 each. The experience was definitely worth the price, but keep in mind this isn’t the only rink with a beautiful backdrop in the city.

Some other skating options I am going to be trying out in the city are the Central Park rink and the Bryant Park rink. Bryant Park is the cheapest, even free if you bring your own skates, and Central Park is in the middle at around $20-ish. Bryant Park also has a European-inspired Christmas market surrounding the rink. By the end of this, I might actually be able to ice skate.

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