Good Morning, New York!


In the midst of adventuring around New York City, I realized I had taken a lot of cool photos and done a lot of cool things and I thought maybe someone would like to read about it. So like every basic betch at your local Starbucks, I have started a blog. I don’t know if you could really call it a travel blog, since I’m too broke to travel very far. But, I guess it’s kind of a “Things to do in New York City” blog. It’s great if you are also poor, post-grad, semi-employed and not quite yet fully adulting because we are on the same page and most of the things I do around the city are free.

Hence the name NY in the City. Because I am Nicole Yvonne (well usually just Nikki, but that didn’t sound as cool) and I am in the city. I just moved here in August from my hometown of Atlanta. I went to college in Western New York and decided I wanted to return to New York, but live in civilization (sorry Buffalo you just weren’t cutting it for me). I am currently an intern and I live in a women’s dorm in Manhattan. While my permanent job status and living arrangements remain up in the air, I’ve decided to enjoy as much of the city as I can on the very limited budget that I have.

I have decided to write about all of my adventures so my friends and family and the entire internet (in reality probably just my mom) can follow me around the greatest city in the world and maybe even get some cool travel ideas for when they come to visit me!

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